Aspen 5


Gradient Aspen 4


Aspen5 is designed as an EN-C category glider for experienced pilots, who are capable of active flying. Outstanding performance, precise handling, predictable behaviour and stable accelerated flight makes Aspen5 a very interesting solution for a really wide range of XC pilots.


Visible and invisible changes. You can see the new curves of the Aspen5 with its higher aspect ratio, but you will probably not see that Gradient uses a brand new airfoil section in Aspen5. This new airfoil has important effects on the character and performance of the glider. The internal structure incorporates our well-proven drag reducing DD system with subtle modifications to the suspension system. So just like the Aspen4, the Aspen5 has remarkably low line consumption. The leading edge of the Aspen5 is constructed in Gradient’s exclusive double-coated Everlast-Skytex, to ensure very long-term stability and durability of this important part of the airfoil.

Technical Data



Flat Area m2 23.30 25,50 27.74
Projected area m2 19.64 21,49 23.38
Span m 12.07 12,63 13.17
Projected span m 9.44 9.88 10.30
Aspect ratio
6.25 6.25 6.25
Projected aspect ratio
4.54 4.54 4,54
Max. chord m 2.36 2.47 2.58
Min. chord m 0,79 0.82 0.86
Number of cells
64 64 64
Line consumption m 222.34 232.6 242,6
Weight of the glider kg 4.8 5.1 5.4
Take-off weight range kg 77-90 85-103 98-118
Optimal take-off weight kg 80-86 92-100 105-115
Certification EN / LTF




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