How to register and upload pictures in the multimedia gallery.

ParaglidingShanghai Multimedia Gallery is ready, you can uplad your files.

You can upload your photos and your videos in your own gallery or in one of the public Galleries. If you dind't register to the website you need to follow the registration procedure. Please, pay attention, due to intensive advertisement posting on new registration account by robots, i locked new registered user, so you'll not able to use the forum or the gallery untill i unlock your account. So please, after registration send me an email with your username, i'll unlock immediately. For the guys that already have registered in the forum they don't need to register again, and they can use the user and the password that they already have. There is a BRIDGE between the Gallery and the Forum, so also when you'll login in the gallery you'll be sent to the Forum and then you'll be redirect in the Gallery again.
However read the procedure, there is also the suggestion on how to upload files...


  • CLICK on login, from the gallery you'll be redirect on the forum page then register your account
  • CLICK again on the upper right button MULTIMEDIA
  • Send me an email with your user to be authorized to use the forum and the gallery

Login and Uploadin

  • CLICK again on login and insert the user and the password you have chosen for the registration. Wait few second and you'll be redirected in the gallery page.
  • CLICK on the icon MY PROFILE and then choose CREATE/ORDER MY ALBUMS (before to upload pictures you could need to have an Album, or you can upload on a public album, so you don't need to create your own album, in this case skip this: don't click on the icon MY PROFILE, but just click UPLOAD FILES)
  • THEN select a category by default is set *MY GALLERY* (your own gallery) but you can choose also one of the other public galleries.
  • ONCE you have done you can click on the icon UPLOAD FILES, select an album and then you can upload.


Note: Cause this Bridge, after login in the gallery, if you get out of the gallery you'll not be able to get inside your account automatically, you'll need to Unlog from the Forum and Login in the gallery again. .

Feel free to contact me for support