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2013年 3月
视频的 Logo, 一个视频解释了这个概念的标志 ParagldingShanghai... 也许这是一个有点太长,但很快我们将再次削减的视频...

Michael Layr


January 2013
Michael Layr, our top model, is flying a Nevada 26. During his first flights with this wing at the end of 2012 he was able to stay on top with almost no thermals... while everybody else was going down. It seems he will leave his name in the XC-Fuyang competition.

Michael Layr

  October 01 2012
Gradient Nevada The new EN B paraglider is Available. Nevada is the newest Gradient glider in the EN B class. Its place in the Gradient glider range is between the Golden3 and the Aspen4. Our aim was to create a glider from the ground up. A glider which would follow the tumultuous development of paragliding technology of the last few years and at the same time use the latest know-how in the development of materials...

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  July 16 2011
Diana Was born today. Our Daniel and Daisy give to the wolrd their daughter today. I received a message from Daniel early this morning, and his happiness was coming out from his SMS.
It seems that the logo works in someway for the Bergbaum family: both they fly since 1 year and they had a baby girl, hahaha.

  July 6 2011
ParagldingShanghai   Multimedia Gallery Is online. You can upload your photos and your videos in your own gallery or in one of the public Galleries. If you have already registered to the site you don't need to register again. Here there is the help for the procedure. If you want to go to the Gallery. click here


June 17 2011
ParagldingShanghai Forum. Is online. Just 1 month from the beginning of the Red Bull X-Alps We opened a session in the forum to talk about this great event. click here



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