Questions and Answers

Is there a specific equipment for tandem paragliding?
Yes, in order to engage in tandem flights we need to have the proper equipment. The paraglider is larger than the solo paraglider, as designed to support a greater load. Even the pilot and passenger harnesses are specially designed to ensure greater comfort of the crew.

Who can try tandem paragliding?
Anyone who has the desire can try a tandem paragliding, without attending any course. No special knowledge of flight nor specific physical qualities. The active moment for the passanger is during takeoff, where it's necessary a light run. The tandem paragliding flight is exciting but at the same time calm and relaxing, for this reason is suitable for those who can finally fulfill the wish of flying like an eagle.

Who can drive a tandem?
The tandem pilots must hold a special license, obtained by passing a special examination. The license is given by a country's institution approved by FAI (International Aerounatic Federation). In Italy it is the ACI Italy Aero Club. In China many pilots they fly without an official license. In Italy you study with a certified instructor and then after not less than 6 months an external examinator that you don't know is sent by the ACI to check you

There are weight limits for tandem paragliding?
The glider is designed to bring in-flight loads between a minimum and a maximum value. Tandem can carry weights between 140 and 230 kg.

How heavy is the equipment for tandem paragliding?
The bag contains everything you need to fly can be easily carried on the shoulders and can weigh from 25 to 30 kg.

How much does it cost the tandem equipment?
New equipment for tandem (complete with sail, emergency harness , passenger harness, helmets) can cost from 5000 to 6000 €.

What are the recommended clothes for the passenger?
Even during the hot season you should take with you a light jacket. If we go up the temperatures in summer could be below 10 degrees. If i that day those clothes are not necessary, they can find a place in the pockets of the harness. However, in flight is better to feel hot than cold. The helmet is provided by me About shoes: it's better t have hiking boots, to minimize the risk of ankles twisting during takeoff and landing.

What is the position of passengers in flight?
The passenger sits in front of the pilot on a comfortable chair called harness.

What the passenger has to do during take off and landing?
Paragliding is not like skydiving, we don't jump, but we take off like airplanes. The take-off is generally done by a gentle slope after checking that the sail is inflated regularly, and if something is not ok (such as a knot in the cords), it is always possible to stop. During takeoff, the passenger must to run, following the instructions of the pilot. The landing however is fully controlled by the pilot and the passenger is required to mention only a few steps to avoid touching the ground with butt, however the hearnesses have special "pillows" (foam bag, air bag, ...).

What must the passenger do during the flight?
He just needs to relax and enjoy the view. During the flight the pilot and passenger are seated in two separate harnesses (the passenger in front). The passenger's hands are free, and he can take pictures or movies. According to the reaction shown by the passenger, the pilot could decide to let the passenger try to drive..

How do I book a flight?
To book a flight just call or send an e-mail to me. Usually tandem flights are carried out during weekends and holiday periods, but we could arrange for any day. The possibility of flying is influenced by weather. Normally we will arrange a date and we get updated a couple of days before that day to verify whether the conditions for a flight are ok.

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