XC-Fuyang rules

XC-Fuyang born to promote the long flight by paragliders without engine.

  1. XC-Fuyang start the first of February and finish October 31. Everybody can participate to this contest, no matter the nationality, the religion, the politics idea and sex habits.

  2. The takeoff must to be the official one (in Yong An Shan). If a flight start from other hills (even if very close) it will not be accepted in this website. The flight can be made in any day of the week…

  3. No fee is required and actually not even a registration. This website take your dates from other OLC  (online contest) websites. So it means to be inside this website your flight must to be approved from an OLC website.

  4. Paragliding Shanghai doesn’t care about points. Here we count kilometers… no matter if you fly a triangle or an open distance, finally we look the km. OLC sites  give more points to triangles, but in my opinion not always to fly  a Flat Triangle or a Fai Triangle is more difficult than to fly an open distance…. It depends on the day and on the place…  So, who cares about points… 

  5. When you plan your flight think about how OLCs  score your flights. You have a total of 5 waypoints:  the start, the end and 3 turn points. The system will position these points to give you the greatest possible distance. If the distance between start point and end point is less than 20% of the entire distance, the flight will be scored as triangle.

  6. In Fuyang there is the height limit to 1.500 meters, but your flight will be accepted also if you fly above this elevation.

  7. There is just only 1 class: open. It means that you can fly with whatever you want: 1,  1-2,   2,  2-3 or competition paragliders. In Fuyang however the most are modern 1-2 that have better performance than  DHV 2 of few years ago. Obviously who fly competition gliders has an advantage on paper… but the topography of our area make this advantage not so big.

  8. Prizes. At the moment there is not a real prize, just a ParaglidingShanghai shirt, and the honor to be the winner. If a sponsor wants to give prizes we can put the logo of the sponsor just only on this page. The winner will be proclaimed after October 31 and he or she will gain the title of King (or Queen) of Fuyang.



We have 3 kinds of ranking:

  • The longest flight
    Every pilot can submit just one flight (his best), he can update his best flight if he had longer XC

  • The best 5 flights of every pilot
    Every pilot can submit 5 flights (his best), he can update his best flights if he had longer XC

  • The farthest flight from take-off
    It is considered the straight line from “around the take-off”, from point to point. It means you have to take-off from Yonganshan, but then if you go 10 km west and 20 east passing again over the take-off. It will be considered the longer straight line (in this case 30 km and not 10 km east from take-off (not clear eh?). The longer distance between 2 farthest points (easier).